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Case Study




The website is to build a mutually beneficial platform for buyers and sellers, where the identification of business opportunities is made easy. We bridge the gap between you and better business people willing to invest in the healthcare industry.

The client need good amount of traffic and unique user in the website.


Difficulties we faced:

  1. SERP visibility was low
  2. Sessions in a month are very poor
  3. Referring Domain score is very low 
  4. Less traffic
  5. No quality content




The amount of user they had and also the amount of sessions they are getting was very poor. There were barely any visitors in this site. Increasing its stats was challenging. 

DATE: August 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

NOTE: although this is a blogging site doing SEO and digital marketing was challenging because the quality of the content, keyword placing and improving user experience mattered a lot.


Traffic and visibility:

As we can see from below attached screenshot the organic reach of this site was very poor and didn’t get any exposure in SERP. The head count if users are very low.


For this site we had work our way through from stage 0. There were lots of thing to improve for this site to at least get visibility in SERP. 



The amount of user and also the amount of sessions has been drastically increased from the previous stats. The visitors they have now is lot more than before and also this site is performing well in SERP compare to its competitors. 

DATE: Jan 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021


The sessions have 42.74% increased from previous stats.

The growth of new users is tremendous from before, same goes for regulars of this site. 


End Result:

  1. Improvement in 100+ keywords
  2. Strong Backlinks from high DA sites
  3. Improved CTR
  4. Better User Experience
  5. Better brand exposure  
  6. Increase in website speed 
  7. Increase in traffic 
  8. 1st Page SERP visibility  

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